super-ajOUR TEAM

Worry Free, Hassle Free

Summit Home Improvement and Aquajak have formed a unique and exciting team providing you with unparalled service to help you maintain and update your home.

As a home owner you face a wide range of maintenance, construction and servicing challenges. The questions often outnumber the answers and the time it takes to determine who to call, when to call, how much to pay, can be daunting.

We formed this team to take the mystery out of the construction and maintenance areas.

The premise is simpleā€¦ one call to us and things begin to happen.

We meet with you, assess the site, determine the needs and provide you with a price and schedule for getting the job done.

Most clients discover that we save them more than the cost of our servicesā€¦ and we relieve them of the hassles.

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